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Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is a necessary component of any modern business. Corporate data frequently ends up in silos scattered across the organization, stored without a consistent structure or framework. This means that management has no way of understanding the story the data holds and cannot use it intelligently to make sound strategic business decisions based on solid evidence from an integrated information base

EIM Samples

Don't let this happen to you. Consider the benefits of investing in an enterprise information program that includes an assessment of your data architecture attributes, quality characteristics and process flows. A good data governance program should address the current state of the data, present a strategy for improvement, and include KPI's tailored to your situation to measure progress. 

I enjoy working across departmental boundaries to discover how information is used in different settings. Turning over rocks and listening to stories of data woe leads to valuable insights. I act as an advocate for process improvement, change agent to implement new programs and trainer for data stewards so that they are empowered to maintain their assets over time.

As a project manager, it gives me great satisfaction to have accomplished EIM goals in many different knowledge domains including engineering, aerospace, entertainment, scientific research, legal content, the performing arts, retail and municipal utilities.


I can do it for you too. 

I’ve worked with Jayne on a series of projects to develop, build-out, promote and use the NASA Taxonomy. She is a highly competent and accomplished enterprise architect. Jayne is one of the few people who understands the value and practical details of real enterprise information management – bringing together heterogeneous structured and less structured resources from across and beyond the enterprise. 

Joseph Busch

Founder and Principal

Taxonomy Strategies

When it comes to the critical role that controlled vocabularies have in distributed query, federated search, and cross-domain modeling, Jayne has been years ahead of everyone else.

Andy Schain

Manager, Data Integration


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